9 ways to make more money when selling your Cabo home or condo

Getting the price you want when selling your Cabo home or condo is all about making it stand out and optimizing the process to avoid delays or setbacks.  To make sound decisions, you need to do some research to have a true understanding of the local market and at the same time “walk in the shoes” of your potential buyer.

Here’s 9 ways in which sellers can maximize the selling price of their Cabo home or condo:

  1. Strategic pricing strategy: Take inventory of your goals, objectives, timeframe, and other essential variables which will play a role into a detailed analysis of the property’s market value. This is increasingly essential to optimizing pricing to attract the optimal buyer persona as well as multiple offers.
  2. Tax implications assessment: In conjunction with the strategic pricing strategy, it’s imperative to collaborate with a specialized tax accountant to understand implications of capital gains, concept strategies to minimize impacts, and model the net outcomes and scenarios for your individual property.
  3. Integrated marketing strategy: Evaluate your property in detail and identify it’s unique selling points by key buyer personas. This is essential to highlight and promote effectively in web copy and collateral as well as identifying which marketing channels will be most effective to drive awareness for your home.
  4. Professional photography: Yes, your mobile phone takes great pictures but research has definitively shown that having a professional photographer’s visually showcase your home to the market leads to multiple bidders and higher average selling prices.
  5. Social media: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter. They aren’t just nice to have in 2022, they are essential to building “buzz” around the listing of your home and connecting with potential buyers.
  6. Video: Pictures are table stakes for any property listing, but video is what really brings the buyers by presenting the key selling points of your property in an exciting way.
  7. 3D virtual tours: Similar to video, virtual tours give potential buyers a true immersive experience into your home – from the convenience of their mobile phone.
  8. Presale walkthrough inspection: Every potential seller should have a third-party expert walk through the property to identify staging opportunities, essential repairs, and high ROI fixes/upgrades. This will optimize selling price and also help to ensure an efficient, uneventful closing process.
  9. Operating cost assessment: Sellers should gather a detailed portfolio which contains records of the operating costs (i.e., utilities, HOAs, maintenance, repairs) for their property. This will help put prospective buyers at ease that the home itself has been well cared for and maintained as well as greater perspective into the financial obligations specific to your your property.

This Cabo real estate sellers guide provides perspectives around how you can maximize the selling price of your home or condo in Cabo. Questions about Mint Cabo’s innovative approach to listing your property? Contact us – we’d love to chat.