“Investment-wise, Cabo is hard to beat”

According to Mansion Global, a specialist in the global real estate market, Cabo San Lucas has been known for years as a famed mountain/desert/ocean destination where ambitious Americans would seek to buy a vacation home. However, the pandemic has significantly changed this paradigm and have further declared that ““Investment-wise, Cabo is hard to beat.”

Cabo has evolved into a primary residence market for Americans and wealthy Mexican nationals who can either work virtually or commute to work via a short flight as needed. Lifestyle is the driving factor fueling this philosophical real estate shift. Cabo’s dry climate, ocean vistas, relatively low population density, and access to haute culture, fine dining, and world class golf scene create a very attractive full-time home destination.

Strong market increases over the last few years has led to tight supply, especially as not only beach front neighborhoods continue to fill up, but adjacent ones as well. According to local experts, the region’s healthy market conditions, bolstered by remarkably strong tourism and continued development, remain ripe for significant appreciation over time.

Link to full article on Mansion Global

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