One of the best road trips in the world: Baja California Sur

The Points Guy, a preeminent travel “maximization” website, recently named their top 5 road trips outside the US: Croatia’s coastline, South Africa’s garden route, Baja California Sur, Ireland’s west coast, and Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Loop. I know we’re partial, but let’s take a quick look at their 10-day suggested Baja itinerary which “rewards travelers who have time on their hands and love a good adventure.”

La Paz

Departing from Los Cabos, head north toward La Paz, the capital of the state of Baja California Sur.

  • “Powder-white beaches meet crystal-clear water, while rust-red rock islands like Espiritu Santo sit just offshore.”
  • “A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, its waters teem with seals, whales, dolphins and turtles.”
  • “A buzzy cultural scene along its Malecon boardwalk, lined with historic hacienda-style homes that have been transformed into boutique hotels and restaurants.”


Next head to Loreto on the eastern coast of Baja with the Sierra de la Giganta mountains on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other.

  • “Loreto flies under the tourist radar, which is part of its charm.”
  • “It’s the entrance point for Bahia de Loreto National Park, where a string of offshore islands provide an aquatic playground of vibrant coral reefs, misty inlets and a treasure trove of wildlife.”
  • “Head to the sandy streets of downtown, where seafood restaurants serve delectable fish tacos and frosty beers overlooking the sea.”

Bahia Concepcion

If you’ve not not heard of Bahia Concepcion, it’s a massive bay within the Sea of Cortez with over 50 miles of beautiful beaches.

  • “Calm, blue-green water contrasts with fingernail slivers of powdery white sand, crowned with a ring of rust-colored mountains.”
  • “The bay is dotted with a string of enchanting coves, from the sugary shores of Playa Santispac to the coral reefs of Playa Candelero.”
  • The oasis village of Mulege is known for fluffy river-side palm trees and shoreline campgrounds for RVs.

From Guerrero Negro to Ensenada

If you continue north to Guerrero Negro, which sits on the border between Baja California Sur and Baja California, you’ll have the opportunity to explore more surf towns and fishing villages and eventually end up in Ensenada. For this itinerary, they recommended turning around at Mulege and headed back down to Los Cabos via the pacific route to Todos Santos.

Todos Santos

A long-time haven for artists and surfers as well as destination for travelers seeking what some claim to be the inspiration for “Hotel California”

  • “Beachy and laid-back, Todos Santos is having a moment these days.”
  • “Explore the town’s eclectic galleries showcasing the work of local painters, or wander through the markets brimming with artisanal goods.”
  • “A burgeoning boutique hotel and culinary scene have elevated the game in Todos Santos”

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