Paying your annual property tax (Impuesta Predial)

The property tax on your Los Cabos home or condo is owed every calendar year starting in January. It’s essential to remember that you will not be sent a bill or reminder. So do yourself a favor and set a recurring reminder in your phone!

Your annual amount due for property tax (Impuesta Predial) is calculated of the assessed value at the time of sale (Valor Catastral). The rate is approximately 0.1% – which is considerably lower than annual property tax rates in the United States or Canada. Permanent Mexico residents over 60 years of age can qualify for Mexico’s INA-PAM program which bestows a 50% extra discount off your Impuesta predial.

Hot tip: you receive a 20% discount on your annual bill if you pay in the month of January. February and March payments will receive a 10% and 5% discount respectively. If you wait until April, late penalties will begin to accrue.

Reminder: If you have a storage locker (bodega) associated with your property, sometimes they are deeded separately and accordingly will have a second Clave Catastral number to pay annually.

Options for paying your annual property tax in Cabo:

  • Pay in-person at one of the three local municipal offices (Cabo San Lucas Centro, Cabo San Lucas Marina, San Jose Del Cabo) and have the 17-digit account number (found on your deed) associated with your property or properties (Cuenta Catastral). Be sure to save your receipt.
  • Pay online at: You’ll first want to check the amount due in pesos by inputting your 17-digit account number (Clave Catastral) which is found on your deed. Then you can simply pay by credit card. It can be a little confusing as there are two different payment processor options to select from in the site. While you can use either one, your financial institution for your credit card may work better with one versus the other. Also, in our personal experience paying online might trigger a flag with your credit card company so be prepared to authorize the foreign transaction if needed. And be sure to print a copy of your payment receipts.

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