The top 3 snorkeling spots in Cabo

“The World’s Aquarium.” This is what famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau nicknamed the Sea of Cortez. Its’ beautiful waters are home to an amazing variety of local marine species, including including colorful tropical fish like angelfish, parrotfish, sergeant majors, and damselfish. Additionally, you may spot larger species such as grouper, snapper, and maybe even turtles, rays or eels in the diverse underwater ecosystems of the region.

Ready to get up close and personal with Cabo’s colorful undersea residents? Here are our 3 favorite spots to snorkel in Cabo:

  1. Pelican Rock at Land’s End

While the ocean waters at Land’s End are far too dangerous for swimming, you’ll find that the bay side is outstanding for snorkeling when conditions are clear. Located in the protected Cabo San Lucas Marine Preserve, Pelican Rock is a prominent landmark in the region and also one of the area’s most popular snorkel spots. This distinctive rock formation earned its name due to the frequent presence of pelicans in the area. Its proximity to the iconic Arch of Cabo San Lucas adds to the allure of Pelican Rock as a must-visit destination for nature and water sports enthusiasts alike. You can easily get here via water taxi from either Médano Beach or the marina.

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  1. Santa Maria Bay

A renowned cliffside snorkeling destination with pristine waters and vibrant marine life, Santa Maria bay offers calm conditions for snorkelers of all skill levels. You can explore a diverse underwater world, encountering colorful coral formations and an array of tropical fish species, including angelfish, pufferfish, and parrotfish. Situated in the Corridor near Km. 13 on the highway, this lovely crescent-shaped bay is easily accessible and an ideal spot for those seeking a memorable snorkeling experience in the crystal-clear waters of the Sea of Cortez.

  1. Chileno Bay

Located in the Corridor near Km. 14.5 on the main highway (not too far from Santa Maria), Chileno Bay is celebrated for its thriving marine ecosystem and accessibility. It features a coral reef teeming with diverse marine life, making it a haven for snorkelers. Snorkeling in Chileno Bay offers encounters with an impressive variety of fish, including surgeonfish, butterflyfish, and vibrant coral formations. The bay’s calm waters, coupled with designated snorkeling areas, make it welcoming for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Its scenic beauty and rich underwater biodiversity contribute to Chileno Bay’s reputation as one of the top choices for premier snorkeling experience in the stunning waters of the Baja California.

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