Managing your Federal Commission of Electricity (CFE) bill

So you own a home in Cabo and you’ve received your first electric bill. You’re likely thinking: “What do I do now?”

Summary of your best options to pay our Cabo CFE bill:

  1. Online: Download the “CFE Contigo” app on your phone. Configure your account using your service number (“No. de Servicio”). Then you can add a credit card – note: only Mexican debit or credit cards are accepted.
  2. Convenience store: Drop into any Oxxo or 7-Eleven location and present your bill. They will scan it and collect the amount due plus a 13 peso service fee. You can pay cash or use a Mexican debit or credit card.
  3. Retail store: Stop by Walmart or Sam’s Club and they can help process payment of your CFE bill similar to a convenience store:
  4. Western Union: You can pay your CFE bill online via Western Union and a credit card. There is a nominal handling fee applied.
  5. XOOM: You can pay your CFE bill online via Xoom and a credit card. There is a small handling fee added on for the convenience.
  6. Local banks: Banorte, Banca Azteca, and BBVA can process your CFE bill payment
  7. Your local Mexican bank: Almost every Mexican bank allows to set-up online bill pay to CFE. You can also configure for ACH or automatic debit of the bi-monthly bills.
  8. CFE office kiosk: At the local CFE office, you can pay by scanning the bar code on the bottom of your bill at one of the kiosks. After confirming your name and details, you can insert cash or pay using a debit or credit card (including US credit cards!). Note: you can also prepay your account with pesos to avoid having to go in for every bill.

Translating your Cabo CFE bill:

  • NO. DE SERVICIO – Your account number
  • LIMITE DE PAGO – The due date for the current bill period
  • CORTE A PARTIR – The date the CFE can disconnect your service
  • TOTAL A PAGAR – The amount due in pesos for the current bill period
  • TARIFA – The base rate category you are billed per kilowatt
  • NO MEDIDOR – Your meter number
  • PERIODO FACTURADO – This is the date range of the current bill period
  • LECTURA ACTUAL – Your current meter reading
  • LECTURA ANTERIOR – Your meter reading from the last bill cycle
  • TOTAL PERIODO – Your total energy consumption for the current bill period

Important tip: If the due date (“Limite de Pago”) has passed, it is highly recommended you pay the bill in-person at the CFE office to avoid having your service disconnected.

Other tips on paying your Cabo CFE bill? Questions?  Contact us – we’d love to chat.